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lime plastering in Devon

Experienced in working with lime mortars...

Internal Lime Plastering

Moores Mouldings specialise in the use of non-hydraulic lime (lime putty) based plasters. We have extensive experience and knowledge of this traditional product which hasn't changed in centuries. Covering the whole of the south west, Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset and beyond.

Lime Putty plaster is mainly used on period properties. It consists of sand, lime putty and animal hair which are generally laid in three coats (scratch coat; float; and finish coat) either onto solid construction or onto wooden laths (strips of wood set apart allowing plaster to hook behind them and creating a key). Lime plaster allows walls to naturally breathe (allowing moisture to pass through the walls). This will prevent condensation, caused by general living, to occur inside your property, which in turn prevents the build up of mould. Moores Mouldings have carried out lime plastering and related works through out Torbay, Teignbridge, South hams, West Devon, East Devon, Mid Devon, North Devon, Torridge, Exeter, Plymouth, Dartmoor and beyond.  

Too often gypsum based products are used on period properties internally (and externally), causing severe problems such as cracking and/or curving, condensation build up, and mould growth. This can often lead to misdiagnosis (and in-turn, mistreatment) of conditions such as rising damp.

Non- hydraulic (lime putty) lime plaster requires carbon dioxide to set so it can revert back to it's original state and it can take several weeks to cure and set. it will remain breathable and flexible aiding in vapour control within the building. 

lime plaster can have a variety of finishes. Whether this be to match the existing surrounding areas, or a choice of trowel (closed, flat finish that is smooth to touch); float (open flat finish with a textured touch); sponge; or Ashlar finish (block effect).

Whether renovating your property or repairing your home, keep the original structure and materials used in mind. If you need advice or guidance please do not hesitate to contact us, we are more than happy to help.

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